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Business Driven Cyber Risk Decisions

Our customers successfully align and communicate the cybersecurity initiatives most effective to reduce business exposure to cyber risk.

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Cyber Risk Strategy

Bring business context to your cyber risk strategy by aligning financial exposure insights to technological decisions.  Use X-Analytics to optimize cybersecurity investments, reduce cyber exposure, and show progress via metrics-based trending.

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Board Governance & Oversight

78% of all corporate directors struggle with technological cybersecurity presentations. X-Analytics gives you easy-to-understand cyber exposure insights with the ability to govern, optimize investments, and track progress.

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SEC & Regulatory Reporting

To protect investors and consumers, the SEC (and other regulators) are now requiring registrants to disclose material cybersecurity incidents.  X-Analytics helps you with risk management strategy, governance, and estimating incident materiality.

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CIO, CISO, and CRO Use Cases 

From CIO to CFO, every business leader has responsibilities related to cybersecurity.

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Budget Planning & Investment

Every business faces budget pressure.  X-Analytics helps you understand which investments will produce the best return on investment by comparing cost to cyber exposure benefit, while aligning to well-know concepts. 

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Supply Chain Risk Management

Traditional third-party vendor management solutions can be misleading.  X-Analytics is the first solution to bring financial cyber exposure into third party risk management initiatives, with the ability to de-risk the ecosystem.

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Cyber Insurance Alignment

Hedging cyber risk with risk transfer can be complicated.  Use X-Analytics to “stress test” your cyber insurance policies, simulate prospective policy changes, and proactive and reactively estimate financial recovery per cyber incident.

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Multi-Purpose Use Cases

In some cases, assessing an individual entity is not enough.  There may be a need to assess an entire portfolio, multiple customers, or other large group.

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Private Equity

Private Equity firms are challenged to shepherd their portfolio companies through a journey of refinement and business process improvement.  X-Analytics "PE" gives you advanced cyber risk oversight and governance across your investment portfolio.

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“Don’t come to me with just another maturity score…”  Businesses need more than a maturity score. They need real, actionable business insights.  X-Analytics "Consultant" arms a consulting team with the ability to elevate the opportunity.

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Leading law firms trust X-Analytics to deliver corporate clarity and board governance insights related to business, legal, and regulatory cyber exposure. Empower your clients to stay ahead of the curve and actively demonstrate their resilience strategy.

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