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Without being a member of the community, this is a place where we share select insights to the public. Insights are meant to arouse suspicion and change the vocabulary for discussing the cyber risk problem.

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Join the community.  Get exclusive access to the community insights, forum and events.

Community Insights

There is so much to read.  Use the community insights to inform difficult cyber risk decisions.

Adhoc Guidance

Based on direct questions from the X-Analytics Enterprise customer base, the X-Analytics Research Team will convert customer questions to guidance for all community members to leverage on their quest to solve the cyber risk problem.

Weekly Analysis

Based on current trends, hype cycles, newsworthy events, and community forum activity, the X-Analytics Research Team publishes new analysis weekly.  Each analysis will be tagged to one or more community focus categories, such as systemic risk or emerging technology.

Monthly Industry Benchmarks

Leveraging the power of the X-Analytics platform, the X-Analytics Research Team publishes monthly cyber risk industry benchmarks for 18 industry verticals.  The industry benchmarks include threat, risk, and loss ratio trending and guidance.

Bi-Annual Reports

Leveraging the industry benchmarks and other research, the X-Analytics Research Team publishes a revised version of the Global Financial Insights Report.  This report indicates if the cyber risk problem is getting better or worse and provides relevant guidance.

Community Forum Philosophy

Read the insights, start a stimulating conversation, respond to other community members, and create action in an effort to solve the cyber risk problem.

Empowering Ideas

The community encourages active participation from all members to generate ideas at a grassroots level.  This is about thinking together in a non-confrontational way to stimulate action and shift minds in an effort to solve the cyber risk problem.

Encouraging Creativity

Sometimes the most amazing ideas come from the least expected person.  This community thrives on collective creativity that is equally meant to challenge and inspire. Individual achievements could lead to a concerted effort in solving the cyber risk problem.

Applying Knowledge

With knowledge, the community has the capacity to make informed decisions that radically transform the cyber risk problem.  The community is a source of knowledge that is constantly evolving due the complexities and volatility of the cyber risk condition.

Economic Development

Cyber incidents are causing direct micro and macro economic impacts.  By way of action, shifting minds, creativity, and knowledge, this community has the power to improve local and global economic conditions by accelerating cyber resilience.

Community Events

Exclusive community events bring together members to foster debate and stimulate action to improve cyber resiliency.

Micro Sessions

Members get access to short duration, highly focused, online events that are meant to deconstruct a particular element of the cyber risk problem in an effort to create a resolution for that micro component of the cyber risk problem.

Quarterly Debates

Members get to participate in online quarterly cyber risk debates.  The debates are meant to arouse suspicion in order to develop new, compromising, and effective approaches to solving the cyber risk problem.

Bi-Annual Collectives

Members are invited to attend online collectives twice per year.  The collectives review community focus progress, debate if community focuses need to be updated, and stimulate revised action to improve cyber resiliency. 

Annual Cyber Economics Meeting

The annual cyber economics meeting is where members observe if the cyber risk problem is getting better or worse.  Based on the results, members will discuss new approaches to solving the cyber risk problem.

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As your co-pilot, we will help you assess, measure, develop, and communicate your cyber risk strategy and adopt the language of the business.

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