X-Analytics: Cyber Risk Board Advisory Service

Deliver Cyber Risk Clarity in the Boardroom

Despite its confusing nature, cyber risk can be managed just like any other business risk. Legacy reporting approaches that summarize technical cybersecurity metrics in red, yellow, and green charts fail to communicate the financial exposure related to an organization’s cyber risk condition. To optimize an organization’s cyber risk management strategy and make informed risk management decisions, organizations must first gain an objective understanding of the economics of their cyber risk condition.

Organizations seeking to simplify cyber risk management can gain visibility into their cyber risk posture and evaluate their risk management options via the Cyber Risk Board Advisory Service, powered by our patented X-Analytics cyber risk model.

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  • Objectively quantify financial exposure related to your cyber-risk condition.
  • Determine risk-remediation plans with ROI analysis.
  • Focus resources on the greatest risks.
  • Evaluate cyber-risk transfer threshold to optimize insurance coverage.


Case Study: Solving Board-Level Reporting

Case Study: Solving Board-Level Reporting

Learn how to communicate cyber risk to the board
Press release: SSIC Transforms How Boards Manage Cyber Risk

Press release: SSIC Transforms How Boards Manage Cyber Risk

Expanded X-Analytics® application delivers cyber-risk clarity for executives and boards.