Quantify cyber risk

The future of cyber risk is here.

Align security with the business.

Pervasive and aggressive cyber attacks are plaguing business.  Assessing cyber risk has always been nebulous, and in today’s fast-paced, threat-heavy cyber world, the lack of metrics related to cyber risk breeds fear, misunderstanding, and inertia.  In this environment, understanding and quantifying cyber risk has become a business imperative. The future of cyber risk management is the ability to quantify both the economic and reputational impact of cyber attacks.  With X-Analytics®, the future is here.

X-Analytics is a patented model that enables organizations to express cyber risk in economic terms.  SSIC reverse engineered two critical risk dimensions—the cost of an attack and the likelihood of it occurring—and created a wholly new approach to measuring cyber risk.

X-Analytics measures an organization’s cyber risk with great detail and crystal-clear precision, assessing the financial impact and probability of attacks across a spectrum of cyber-risk scenarios.  Available as a continuous subscription service, X-Analytics incorporates both organization- and industry-specific information to help organizations mitigate financial and reputational risk.

When you’re ready to embrace the future of cyber risk, we’re here to help.

Robert Vescio
Chief Analytics Officer


Denson Todd
Cyber Risk


X-Analytics enables you to:

  • Assess your risk posture in clear economic terms.
  • Guide your risk-management strategy: determine whether to accept, remediate, or transfer risk via cyber insurance.
  • Communicate the value of your security program to executives and the board.
  • Determine which risk-remediation actions most effectively reduce exposure to cyber events.

The SSIC Difference

With X-Analytics, SSIC is the only company that can objectively quantify risk in economic terms and render a complete picture of enterprise cyber risk.  X-Analytics enables organizations to quantify cyber risk, predict the likelihood of a security event and associated damages, and develop a robust risk-remediation strategy to enhance their security posture.

The way enterprises measure and communicate cyber risk is changing.  This puts you at the forefront of a change taking place in the industry, where you are asked to communicate enterprise cyber risk in business terms. We can help.