Digital Forensics and Investigative Response

By 2021, experts predict that cybercrime damage will hit $6 trillion annually. ~Cybersecurity Research & Market Intelligence Firm, Cybersecurity Ventures

Curtis W. Rose
Chief Digital
Forensics Officer


Mika Devonshire
Digital Forensics


Data compromise or IP theft?
We can help.

When your organization is compromised, expertise matters. Powered by technology and a team of recognized cyber forensics experts, SSIC responds swiftly in the event of a data compromise or intellectual property theft to pinpoint the source, determine the scope of the compromise, recover lost assets, maintain evidence, and ultimately, develop a remediation plan to reduce future attacks while improving your organization’s risk posture.

Specific capabilities include:

  • Litigation support
  • Expert testimony
  • Secure evidence discovery, collection, recovery, and preservation
  • Remote and on-site investigative support
  • Database, mobile, social networking, cloud-based, and network-based forensics
  • Relationships with law enforcement
  • Risk remediation

The SSIC Difference

With an array of risk, compliance, and security products and services, SSIC helps its customers reduce enterprise cyber risk. Through our flagship offering, X-Analytics, we can help you quantify cyber risk in clear economic terms. If your organization experiences a data compromise or intellectual property theft, SSIC offers a complete digital forensics and incident response service. Our forensics investigators have supported some of the most high-profile cyber cases, and deliver unparalleled expert testimony and forensics’ consulting.