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X-Analytics Product Release: January 25, 2024

Happy New year X-Analytics customers. To kick-off the first month of 2024 we would like to treat you to some exciting new visuals in X-Analytics.

Below is a summary of updates released to the application. If you are an X-Analytics customer and would like further information, please contact your Customer Success Lead.

New Features & Functionality

  • New Cyber Risk Condition page: In a ongoing effort to bring further value to the X-Analtyics application we are working toward adding further reporting within X-Analtyics that focuses on a more narrative review of outputs with detailed explinations and references to outputs so that X-Analytics results are presented in a clear, concise, and easily understood manner. To the Cyber Risk Condition page we have added:

    • Top 5 Risk Scenarios (by financial loss)

    • Top 5 Control Areas to Reduce Cyber Exposure

The above presentation is a change to align risk scenarios with financial impact. Now X-Analytics presents you the financial loss associated with each of the 110 risk scenario; included the current control effectiveness applied to each scenario and how those scenarios map into our cyber loss categories. This presentation works in conjunction with the Top 5 Control Areas to Reduce Cyber Exposure by more intuitively aligning potential control benefit with financial reduction within your risk scenerios.

The Top 5 Control Areas to Reduce Cyber Exposure can now be toggled between CIS and NIST CSF with a brief control description given for each control. The control benefit represented by these controls works to reduce the financial loss across one or more of the assessed risk scenarios.

  • Cyber Exposure Risk Grid: On our previous release we transformed the Residual Risk Grid under Cyber Risk Details into the Cyber Exposure Risk Grid with financial impacts shown for each of the 110 risk scenarios within X-Analytics. For those still a fan of the Residual Risk Grid you may toggle between the two grids using the toggle in the top right of the visual. With this release we have added a total financial loss by Threat Category and Asset Group to the grid to quickly give you insight into where the most aggregate financial loss lies by asset and/or threat category, allowing you to see the forest through the trees, so to speak.

You also have the ability to select a particular cyber loss category to see financial loss by only the selected loss category as well as understand what threat categories contribute to each loss category.

Review of Previous Features & Functionality

  • X-Analytics SSO: We are pleased to announce that X-Analytics now supports SSO.

All organizational admins of an Enterprise subscription will see a new section for "Login Methods" within their "My Organization" page. Here admins will be able to enable and configure SSO for their organization. Once configured, an admin will be able to push SSO out to all users or individual users within their X-Analytics platform account.

For a guide to configuring and managing SSO with X-Analytics see: An X-Analytics SSO User Guide

Additional Features

  • General maintence to improve application structure and performance.

Bug Fixes

  • Minor bug fixes

If you have questions, please submit a support request or contact your X-Analytics Customer Success Lead.


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