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Supplier Information

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Step 1 in completing a supplier assessment is to:

  • Select or create a new supplier

  • Associate the supplier assessment with a profile/Business Unit

  • Assign a contract stage to the assessment

When selecting or creating a supplier click on the input box under Supplier. Select a supplier name from your list of catalogued suppliers or click "Add new supplier" button at the bottom.

When selecting an associated profile or business unit you will only have completed profiles to chose from. Pending or incomplete profiles will be shown but greyed out, until completed.

The Contract stage can either be assigned as "In Progress" or "Signed"

  • An "In Progress" assessment can be completed, but once submitted will be put into a pending state. The results can be viewed but the risk details will not be included in the catalogue of active suppliers or reported on the dashboards.

  • A "Signed" assessment will become an active assessment when completed and will immediately contribute to results within active suppliers. Pending assessments can be turned to "Signed" at any time through the Supplier Catalogue by clicking on the "Action" button and changing the stage of the contract.

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