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Expired Access Token

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Having trouble joining X-Analytics for the first time? We may have the fix you need.

Expired Invitation

X-Analytics application user invites expire after 48 hours. It is common that a user received the email invite, but did not accept the invite within a 48 hour window.

In such a case, your X-Analytics application admin will need to refresh your invite.

Your X-Analytics application admin is someone in your organization that was assigned admin privileges to the X-Analytics application. This person can refresh your invite.

Admin instructions are below.

Step 1: Select My Organization

Within the X-Analytics application, select My Organization from the main navigation bar.

Step 2: Find User and Select Resend Activation Link

Within the My Organization page, find the user account.

Adjacent to the user's email address, you'll encounter three choices:

  1. "Resend Activation Link"

  2. "Cancel Invitation"

  3. "Copy Link"

Opting for "resend activation link" triggers the dispatch of a fresh invitation link to the user. This link remains valid for 48 hours, providing the user enough time to complete the sign-up process.

Admin Privileges: The admin has the ability to cancel the invitation link at their discretion. Alternatively, they can also choose to directly copy the link and share it with the user.

If this support page did not provide the answer you need, please return back to X-Analytics Support.


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