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A Guide to Understanding Your CrowdStrike Cyber Risk Condition

For: Acme Financial Services, Inc.

Estimated for: October 17, 2023 to October 16, 2024

This assessment is for a particular profile. A profile can be built for an entire business, a business unit, a product line, a critical business application, and any other logical or physical business entity.

How to Use Your Assessment?

This assessment explores the next twelve months of your CrowdStrike cyber condition from a financial perspective. It illustrates the major cyber themes and possibilities that may present themselves to your business, based on patterns formed between historical data, your unique business profile, and the macro cyber economic condition.

This is your business, and the estimates for the next twelve months is just one way to think about your cyber risk condition. Your business has experienced the realities of cyber risk in a different way. This assessment should be used in conjunction with your existing observations.

This assessment is not a prediction of a pre-determined future that precludes unknown conditions and changing human motivations. Use this assessment as a target at which to aim your actions. You are the agent of your cyber resilience strategy. Take what you need from this assessment to better manage, design, and communicate your cyber resilience strategy.

Your CrowdStrike Cyber Risk Condition.

Your CrowdStrike cyber risk condition is based on a combination of your exposure profile, asset applicability, threat and impact refinement, cyber insurance details (if applicable), CrowdStrike framework maturity, and a set of macroeconomic cyber risk conditions that further calibrate cyber incident severity and probability.

Your CrowdStrike cyber risk condition is primarily represented as control effectiveness, cyber exposure, and framework benefit.

Control effectiveness is a measure of all CrowdStrike framework controls contributing to the reduction of your cyber risk. A zero for control effectiveness indicates no reduction of cyber risk, while a 100% control effectiveness indicates all risk has been eliminated.

Cyber exposure is the sum of all possible impacts, each multiplied by the probability of impact. Your cyber exposure includes the benefit of your control effectiveness.

Framework benefit is the delta between inherent risk cyber exposure and residual risk cyber exposure. This value expresses the benefit of your current framework implementation in monetary terms.

The graphic below displays your current control effectiveness, cyber exposure, and framework benefit.

Your control effectiveness is substantial (with opportunity for further improvement), your cyber exposure is equivalent to 2.02% of revenue, and your framework benefit indicates a 38% decreased in your cyber exposure.

In comparison with other operational risks, you may determine that your cyber risk condition requires further attention. If you are interested in learning how your cyber exposure is divided amongst key loss categories, then please see the "Cyber Risk Condition Report".

CrowdStrike framework trend is the trending of control effectiveness and framework benefit over time. This includes modifications to the current.

Over the last 90 days, your control effectiveness has increased by 49%.

If your current cyber risk condition is undesirable, then you may want to focus on framework elements that will best reduce your cyber exposure. The CrowdStrike framework table provides a list of the primary framework elements, each with percent implemented, benefit of current implementation, and future benefit if fully implemented.

In order to customize your prioritized risk mitigation plan, please see the Optimized Cyber Risk Strategy.

For More Information.

Please see your "Cyber Risk Condition" report or other reports within the X-Analytics report library.


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