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X-Analytics Subscriptions

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X-Analytics Core

For an individual that needs to assess, develop, and communicate a risk management strategy for a single entity, including a few suppliers. 


Only $12,500 / year 


1 profile

up to 50 suppliers

1 user

*Addition details in order

X-Analytics Professional

For a business that needs to assess, develop, and communicate a risk management strategy for multiple entities, including a supplier ecosystem.


Fixed at $30,000 / year 

up to 3 profiles

up to 200 suppliers

up to 5 users

*Additional details in order

**Includes single-sign on

X-Analytics Enterprise

 For an enterprise that needs to assess, develop, and communicate a risk management strategy for multiple entities, including a large supplier ecosystem.

Starting at $60,000 / year

up to 10 profiles

up to 500 suppliers

up to 25 users

*Additional details in order

**Includes single-sign on

***Option to increase scope

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X-Analytics Features

X-Analytics is loaded with features to help you easily assess, manage, develop, and communicate your business aligned cyber risk strategy.

Scope Features


A profile is a description of the entity being assessed by X-Analytics.  This includes revenue, record types and volume, geographical regions, and much more.

The profile is directly associated with estimating cyber exposure and prioritized mitigation.

Profiles can be created for business units, product lines, critical applications, and more.


A supplier is a description of a third-party vendor (or supplier) being assessed by X-Analytics to determining how much risk is being introduced by that supplier onto the entity.

The supplier is directly associated with estimating add-on cyber exposure.

Suppliers can be created for directly connected, critical, and other types of vendors.


 A user is a person that has permission to access to the X-Analytics application.  Access rights can vary based on user role in the risk management assessment process.


A user can create profiles and suppliers, input data, and read results .

Users can be created for staff, management, and executive leadership.

Included Features

Profile Builder

The profile builder is an easy-to-user wizard that helps the user describe the entity being assessed. 

This includes exposure elements, assets applicability, threat landscape, and cyber maturity.

Impact Analysis

The financial impact analysis provides a proactive and reactive understanding of cyber incident probability and severity. 

This includes interruption, data breach, misappropriation (fraud), and ransomware.

Supply Chain Module

The supply chain module includes a vendor wizard (like the profile builder) and associated reporting to understand supplier risk.

This includes individual analysis of supplier and aggregate analysis of the supplier ecosystem.

Prioritized Mitigation

Prioritized mitigation is a ranking of the controls (or concepts) that offer the best cyber exposure improvement.


This includes CIS CSC and NIST CSF controls, common technologies, and other concepts.

Report Center

 The report center is where everything comes together. This is base for risk management strategy.


This includes exposure details, prioritized mitigation, trending, and much more.

Risk Transfer Optimization

Risk transfer optimization mitigation is an understanding of risk transfer (via cyber insurance) benefit and gaps.


This includes all applicable loss categories, waiting periods, retention, and other conditions.

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