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The X-Analytics Platform

X-Analytics is presented as cloud-native application, it is defined and updated by research, and evolved by customer feedback.


We research the cyber risk condition and align to business values.

The Foundation

X-Analytics would not exist without research.  Since 2016, research has defined the underpinnings of the platform. This includes the taxonomy, the architecture, and the complete system and method.  X-Analytics was designed as a set of modules that are expected to change over time because the cyber risk condition changes over time.

Recurring Updates

The cyber risk condition is constantly evolving.  Research serves as the mechanism to update industry threat baselines, control effectiveness, and other macro economic cyber risk conditions that directly determine an organization's estimated cyber exposure.  For transparency, updates are published to instill confidence within the platform.


Research fuels the development of cyber resilience insights that are written to help organizations address their cyber risk condition.  The insights are categorized as entity risk, systemic risk, emerging technologies, public policy and regulation, and many other focus areas.  To gain access to the insights, please visit the X-Analytics Community.


We develop applications to assess and communicate the cyber risk condition.

The X-Analytics Application

X-Analytics is presented as a cloud-native application that helps organizations (of all sizes and industries) assess, measure, develop, and communicate their cyber risk management strategy.  The application is easy-to-use, and organizations can start making informed cyber risk decisions within the first day of using the application.

From Updates to Reporting

Keeping up with the macro- and micro-economic cyber risk conditions is extremely difficult and time consuming.  The X-Analytics Research Team makes this easy for organizations by keeping the application up-to-date.  This means organizations can place trust in the X-Analytics reports to effectively develop and community their cyber risk management strategy.  

Evolving Use Cases

Most organizations use the X-Analytics application to assess, manage, develop, and communicate their entities cyber risk strategy.  But in today's world, that is not enough without including knowledge of the supply chain ecosystem.  All X-Analytics application customers have the ability to effectively manage entity and supply chain risk.


We partner with our customers to shape the future of cyber risk management.

Platform Enhancement

In addition to research, the evolution of the X-Analytics platform is influenced by customer feedback.  We value our customer needs, and we understand that that our customer needs continue to change over time.  Through customer engagement, we regularly monitor customer satisfaction and document customer requests.  

Community Forum

Within the X-Analytics Community, there is an open web-based forum that allows X-Analytics customers and community members to freely exchange ideas in a non-confrontational way to stimulate action and shift minds in an effort to solve the cyber risk problem.  To participate in the forum, please join the X-Analytics Community.

Community Events

Coming in the near future, the X-Analytics Community will host a series of exclusive community events.  The events are meant to bring together community members in an effort to foster debate and stimulate cyber resiliency action.  There will be micro events, quarterly debates, bi-annual collectives, and an annual cyber economic meeting.

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