Frequently Asked Questions

What is X-Analytics?

X-Analytics is a cyber risk exposure model that powers our product offerings. Available as an analytics subscription or as a license to power 3rd party offerings, X-Analytics delivers the financial cyber exposure analysis to enable informed cyber risk decision making.

Does X-Analytics produce prioritized cyber risk guidance so our company can reduce our financial exposure to cyber risk?

Yes. X-Analytics is designed to deliver clients prioritized risk reducing action that can be taken to align control and technology implementation with action that demonstrates a reduction of financial exposure to cyber risk.

Can X-Analytics outputs be helpful to communicate cyber risk to executive management and our board?

Yes. X-Analytics translates all control implementation and cyber security initiatives into financial metrics that communicate cyber risk in economic terms thereby converting a confusing technical conversation into an executive level financial risk discussion.

What type of cyber security data can X-Analytics incorporate into our cyber risk financial analysis reporting?

X-Analytics is the only cyber risk analytics that can incorporate a wide spectrum of your internal cyber security data. Data sources that can be included in your cyber risk analysis include your vulnerability data, end point protection data, SEIM incident data, cyber threat data, GRC data, etc.

What types of companies can benefit from licensing X-Analytics?

Any company that can create value for its customers by delivering cyber risk clarity can benefit from licensing X-Analytics including cybersecurity technology providers, cybersecurity and cyber risk service providers, consultants, audit firms, insurance brokers, insurance underwriters, and M&A transaction advisory firms.