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The X-Analytics platform is a system, method, and apparatus for measuring, modeling, reducing, addressing, and communicating cyber risk.

The Power of Analytics

The X-Analytics platform translates technical metrics and business profile details to financial metrics. The financial metrics inform prioritized risk remediation and optimized risk transfer guidance.


X-Analytics is a patented and validated system, method, and apparatus for measuring, modeling, and reducing, and addressing cyber risk. X-Analytics considers multiple aspects that define an organization's unique cyber risk challenge. Those aspects include industry threat landscape, exposure profile, effective countermeasures, and much more. The aspects are combined with macro- and micro-economic cyber conditions to estimate an organization's cyber exposure.


Cyber exposure, when expressed in monetary format, serves as at the basis for defining the severity of the cyber risk problem, how that problem aligns with other operational risks, and which options best reduce the problem.


Cyber exposure tells you where your business is with its cyber resilience journey. If you don't like the answer, then you have choices.

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