About X-Analytics

X-Analytics® is a patented cyber risk analytics application that delivers the financial metrics to inform strategic cyber risk management decision-making.

It is being used by clients to underwrite billions of dollars of cyber insurance, harmonize enterprise cyber security initiatives with cyber risk transfer strategy, align cyber security spending with prioritized risk remediation, establish return on investment related to cyber security initiatives and deliver board level cyber risk reporting.

Available as an annual service subscription for individual organizations, it is also available for license to enable technology and service providers to provide powerful financial cyber risk analytics to their customer base.

Benefits at a Glance
  • Quantify and visualize current cyber risk status and progress toward targets for the board, executives, and regulators.
  • Understand cyber impact, probability, and expected loss to make informed risk management decisions.
  • Prioritize effective mitigation and understand return on investment.
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X-Analytics Model Features
  • Complete cyber exposure model that is customizable for any organization of any size operating in any industry and geographical region.
  • Includes 110 pre-built risk scenarios to reduce client development and implementation time.
  • Supports multiple cybersecurity control frameworks (NIST, CSC, ISO, PCI, etc.).
  • Supports “What if” scenarios to provide ROI viability against control investments.

Cyber Risk Clarity is as Easy as 1-2-3


Input cyber risk data from X-Analytics survey or cybersecurity technology platform.


X-Analytics processes the data.


Comprehensive financial cyber risk analytics outputs available for analysis.

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