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Kevin Richards Teaching Deep Dive Courses at Digital Director Network Domino '23 Event


May 15-17, 2023

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The release reads:

DDN Domino '23


DOMINO '23 is being held live in-person only. Sessions are not recorded and Chatham House Rules will be in effect. No press are invited to DOMINO '23. 

DDN Faculty will be teaching the QTE 501 Boardroom Readiness Masterclass for Technology Executives the day before DOMINO '23 begins for DDN Executive Members who have not yet taken the masterclass. Participants in this special classroom-based Masterclass will then attend DOMINO '23. 

DDN agenda is packed with deep learning events, peer leaders sharing their insights, and informative speakers. The final agenda is subject to change and final speakers are being confirmed. 

"If the board doesn't understand the economic impacts of cyber risk to the business, they don't understand cyber risk. Does your board have questions about how to determine the materiality of a cyber incident? Are they feeling confused about the proposed new SEC cyber rules? We've got answers at #DOMINO23 on May 16-17 in Chicago." - Bob Zukis, CEO DDN

Deep Dive Learning Courses: Materiality and quantifying cyber risk (X-Analytics)


Kevin Richards (President of X-Analytics) is teaching two Deep Dive Learning Courses at the Digital Director Network DOMINO 2023 event.  Both courses are title "Materiality and Quantifying Cyber Risk".  The first course will be taught on the morning of May 16, 2023 and the second course will be taught on the afternoon of May 16, 2023.


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