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Our Leadership Team

The goal is simple.  Our leadership uses innovation and insight to bring forward software that best helps organizations develop cyber risk strategies.

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Our Mission

To ensure a cyber resilient future.

Setting the Standard for Cyber Resilience

X-Analytics has redefined cyber risk management with the world's most innovative cloud-native platform that enables organization's to assess, measure, develop, and communicate their cyber resilience strategy.

X-Analytics removes the complexities of cyber risk management by determining the organization's risk condition and further determining the organization's path to resilience.  To align with the language of the business, results are expressed in monetary value to help align cyber risk with other operational risks, to better understand use of budget, and to realize the potential benefits of risk transfer.

With X-Analytics, customers benefit from superior insight, better communication, reduced complexity, and immediate time-to-value.

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Entity Risk

Our most popular use case.  With three different pricing tiers, this use case works for organizations of all shapes and sizes.  It is the foundation for assessing, managing, developing, and communicating the entities cyber risk strategy.

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Supply Chain Risk

Our newest use case.  Included within all pricing tiers.  This use case is essential for assessing, managing, developing, and communicating the entities "supply chain" cyber risk strategy.  The results may be surprising.

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Special Use Cases

Our original use case.  X-Analytics can be tailored for specific purposes, such as cyber insurance underwriting and brokering, private equity portfolio analysis and governance, and advanced risk management services.

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