• Translate security data into business intelligence.

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X-Analytics™ Cyber Risk Intelligence

Redefine risk and drive informed business decision making.

With X-Analytics Cyber Risk Intelligence, SSIC helps organizations quantify their cyber risk posture in economic terms.

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Empowering business decision making.

Secure Systems Innovation Corporation (SSIC) is a cyber risk advisory services firm that empowers informed business decision making. Its innovative, patent-pending method for measuring and modeling cyber risk, X-Analytics™, enables customers to quantify their cyber risk posture in simple economic terms.  SSIC is at the forefront of helping customers transform complicated security data into powerful business intelligence.

Evaluate your cyber risk posture in clear economic terms.

Cyber Risk Intelligence Service

We can determine how likely you are to suffer a data breach or a service interruption – and what it could cost you.

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Our experts keep a close eye on the cybersecurity trends that impact your business.

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