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X-Analytics® Cyber Risk Intelligence

Data-Driven Cyber Risk Intelligence

Clients use X-Analytics Cyber Risk Intelligence to understand the business and financial impact of their organization's cyber risk condition.

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The cyber risk experts that Fortune 500 companies trust to make objective data-driven cyber risk decisions

SSIC is a cyber risk advisory services firm that applies the power of advanced cyber risk analytics to empower our clients to make more informed cyber risk decisions that impact their financial well-being. Our unique value and services are based on extensive experience, research and development, and our mission to challenge the status quo. We are 100% focused on developing and delivering transformative solutions that make a significant impact on the global cyber security market and how clients manage risk.

Quantify the risk-reducing impact of your cyber security investments

Clients use Cyber Risk Intelligence to make informed cyber risk budget decisions

Cyber Risk Intelligence Service

Scientifically quantify your organization's risk posture in terms of dollars, not confusing technical outputs.

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For M&A, how to quantify cyber risk?

For M&A, how to quantify cyber risk?

By Leonardo Scudere, Managing Director, The Americas, SSIC

Every day, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) occur across diverse market segments around ...

Happy Birthday, Aroura

Happy Birthday, Aroura

By Thomas J. Lyden, Managing Director, SSIC

Ten years ago, Idaho National Laboratory (INL) rocked the cyber boat with the Aurora Generator Test, ...